Spring Has Sprung: 2013 Texas Bluebonnet Season


Texas bluebonnet fields.

Can you smell it? The sweet scent of bluebonnets springing up across this vast state. Bluebonnet season has begun, and the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country look as if God has once again blessed Texas. Get in touch with your natural side and spend a day along Texas’ bluebonnet trail. Grab a partner and play Jack & Jill, frolicking and picnicking among the purple paint-brushed fields. Not into storybooks? Snap a couple of photos for this year’s Christmas card. If nothing else, enjoy the beauty of our state.

Nestled neatly in the hills of the Texas Hill Country an hour north of San Antonio, begin your journey in Burnet, Texas, the “Bluebonnet Capital of Texas”. Then, make your way down TX Highway 29.

If flowers aren’t really your thing and the thought of viewing them for an hour makes you instantly groan, why not mix a little adult beverage with the outdoors? The Texas Bluebonnet Wine and Cheese Trails offer visitors a chance to see Texas’ state flower while sipping wine and munching on scrumptious cheeses at wineries located along the trail.

A good thing to keep in mind: certain species of bluebonnets bloom at different times of the year, however, roughly within a few weeks of each other. They also bloom in different regions of the state.

Lupinus Texensis

Lupinus Texensis

For example, the Lupinus Texensis blooms in late March to early April in the Hill Country, while the Lupinus Plattensis blooms mid to late spring in the Panhandle region.

Ask our concierges for more information on the different bluebonnet trails. They’d be more than happy to help you customize the best route for your visit!

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