History of Fiesta San Antonio

The 2013 Fiesta poster.

The 2013 Fiesta poster.

You know what they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas”! From the tortillas to vast plains to the events, Texas knows how to go big, and Fiesta is no exception. April 18 marks the beginning of Fiesta, a 10-day festival held every spring in the city of San Antonio. It’s hard to miss the bright colors, confetti, and flowers adorning every street corner and front door. It’s not just an event that gives San Antonians an excuse to party, but there’s history that lies beneath the fun and fanfare.

The origin of Fiesta dates back to 1891 when Congressman James L. Slayden’s wife put together a flower parade in honor of the heroes of the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Due to weather delays, the parade’s original date was pushed back by several days. Once the weather finally cooperated, parade participants threw flowers at each other in celebration as they approached Alamo Plaza. This became known as the Battle of Flowers parade.

A few years later, the parade was extended to a week-long event, and the first Fiesta queen was chosen. It wasn’t long after that the first Fiesta king was crowned. As the years went on the event grew and grew until the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce formed a coordinating agency called the Fiesta San Antonio Commission, and the event became officially known as Fiesta San Antonio.

Photo courtesy of mayflowertours.com

Photo courtesy of mayflowertours.com

Here’s a little fun fact: the Battle of Flowers Parade continues to be the only major parade in the United States that was conceived, organized, and presented by a women’s group. How cool is that?

Of course, Fiesta isn’t just about parades. It’s about food, music, and the celebration of all cultures! Fiesta activities include art shows, sports tournaments, and tours of local historical areas and military bases. With over 100 different events, it’s the biggest party and greatest community benefit in the state of Texas!

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For more information on Fiesta event dates and times click here.

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