Fiesta Fun Facts


Fiesta medals. Photo courtesy of

Who doesn’t love fun facts? They are interesting and make great party topics when conversations tend to turn dull. Since Fiesta lies just around the corner, why not share some interesting tidbits of information about this colorful event?

Let the fun facts begin!

  1. There are 11 parades over the course of the 11 day event. A parade a day keeps San Antonio at play. 
  2. Fiesta has taken place every spring for over a century!
  3. To have a cascarone, a hand-decorated, confetti-filled eggshell, cracked open on your head is said to bring good luck. They first appeared at NIOSA in 1959. Volunteers from the Conservation Society work year-round making more than 120,000 cascarones to sell at NIOSA. In the past 50 years, cascarones sales have resulted in more than $605,000 for historical preservation projects in the San Antonio area! Awesome.
  4. Wonder why medals are such a big part of Fiesta? We do too… Some say it’s because San Antonio is a military city. Makes sense, right? Organizations and businesses in San Antonio sell and pass out medals during Fiesta for fans to collect. The goal is to get as many as you can. How many do you own?
  5.  If you caught our previous post, the very first Fiesta parade was postponed due to bad weather. Bummer. However, we no longer have to worry about it literally “raining on our parade” thanks to  The Rain Rock. The Rain Rock is officially hung on a tree next to the NIOSA headquarters in La Villita at  on the first Monday of Fiesta to chase away bad weather. This tradition has been in place for 30 years!

Know any more interesting facts about Fiesta? Share them with us here or on our  Twitter and Facebook pages.

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