Memorial Day: Remembering Our Heroes

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Photo courtesy of

It’s summer time and the weather is hot. The grills are smoking and the beer is flowing. Memorial Day has become a holiday that not only brings with it a three-day weekend, but a full stomach, as well.

However, many people forget the true reasoning behind why Memorial Day exists: to honor our fallen heroes.

Here are some interesting facts about how Memorial Day came about. 

  1. The first ‘Memorial Day’ was celebrated after the Civil War by veteran Union soldiers. It was then called ‘Decoration Day’.
  2. Waterloo, New York is considered the ‘birthplace’ of Memorial Day.
  3. Memorial Day officially became a national holiday in 1971. Since then, it is always celebrated on the last Monday in May.
  4. Of the 14 wars the United States has participated in, there have been 1,196,793 total casualties. Three-hundred-thousand soldiers are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Can’t get enough fun facts about Memorial Day? Take a look at this awesome infographic the Huffington Post created.

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