Engagement Profile: Ryan and Steven

Photo courtesy of Bend the Light Photography.

Photo courtesy of Bend the Light Photography.

As the Gunter Hotel rolls out a new feature of the blog, Gunter Weddings, we caught up with the Ryan, bride-to-be, as she and her fiancé count down the finals days until their June 1st wedding. It’s been an honor to help  them plan their fairytale reception at the historic Gunter Hotel!

How It All Began 

Like thousands of other modern-day love stories, Ryan and Steven met online through Facebook weeks before they began their freshman year at Trinity University. “We were given our dorm assignments and happened to be assigned to the same dorm hall just a few doors down from each other.  Everyone in our section of the residence hall had tried to connect via Facebook prior to attending school.”

How He Popped the Question 

“The day before the big proposal, Steven asked me if I could take him to pick up his truck from the car dealership the next day during my lunch break. The next morning, as I got in my car to head to work, I discovered that my tire pressure sensor was on. Realizing my tire was low, I decided to get my car checked out before picking Steven up. My lunch break arrives and I only have one hour to get my tire looked at, pick up Steven, and drive back to work. I wanted in line for 45 minutes at the tire place only for them to tell me I had a nail in my tire.

Photo courtesy of Bend the Light Photography.

Photo courtesy of Bend the Light Photography.

I was extremely stressed because I didn’t want to be late getting back to work, so I called Steven to let him know that he needed to be waiting outside his house because I was in a hurry. When I got to his house, he wasn’t outside. I called him again and he tells me he can’t find the paperwork for his car and needs me to come inside to help look for it. I was so frustrated! I marched my way up to his door with the plan to express how frustrated I was. As soon as I opened the door, he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!  Turns out he didn’t need a ride to the dealership, and I didn’t have to go back to work because my co-workers knew about the proposal! My tire issue wasn’t planned, but definitely made the story a bit more interesting.”

Why the Gunter Hotel?

“I chose the Sheraton Gunter as the reception venue because it’s absolutely gorgeous and represents ‘Historical San Antonio’. The hotel is very elegant and full of charm. I especially love the 1900s feel of it.”

How Would You Describe Your Wedding Theme?

“Our wedding theme and style is classic and traditional. Our color palette consists of coral, grey and some ivory, perfect for a summer wedding!”

What’s the Best Part About Planning a Wedding? The Worst?

“The most exciting part is that it brings the bride and groom’s families closer. We have really enjoyed the amount of time we have spent with our families during the whole process. I haven’t been too stressed out with the planning process but, if I had to pick something stressful, I would go with registering for gifts! We both didn’t realize how many hours we’d spend at each place scanning items. Also, how many items we would need to scan! It was fun, but definitely overwhelming.”

Photo courtesy of Bend The Light Photography.

Photo courtesy of Bend The Light Photography.

Good luck, Ryan and Steven, as you begin a life-long journey with one another. We hope your day is magical.

For more of Ryan and Steven’s Engagement photo shoot visit BendtheLight.com.


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