Delta Does It Right

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With all the horrible things we see on the news these days, we are always itching for stories that bring the good out in people. That show that humans still care for their stranger. Well, yesterday we got one of those stories.

We’ve all had the experience of being sold a ticket on an overbooked flight. Praying that you’re not bumped, you don’t make eye contact with anyone so that you can just slide onto the plane safely and unnoticed.

Unfortunately, Jessie Frank had no such luck. After several delays and cancellations, she end up far down a standby list for the next Delta flight to Atlanta. Her hopes of making it back home to pick up her little girl with Type 1 Diabetes were fading quickly.

Suddenly, a flight attendant rushed over to her and told her to hurry because she needed to board this flight. They scooted her down the jet bridge where a man helped her place her luggage in the overhead bin and get her situated in her seat. Someone must have given up their seat!

Once the plane landed in Atlanta, the flight attendants made an announcement that Frank’s flight had a very special guest on board, Delta CEO Richard Anderson. Frank then realized that the man who had given up his seat in order for her to get on this packed flight was Anderson himself. This act of kindness from the big man in charge solidified Frank’s loyalty to Delta for life!

Doesn’t this story make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? See, there’s still hope in humanity!

Plus, Frank will not only earn Delta miles when she flies using this carrier, but Starwood Preferred Guest points, as well! SPG Platinum and Gold members earn 1 Starpoint for every dollar spent on eligible Delta flights. Plus, SPG Platinum members enjoy exclusive benefits when traveling with Delta, such as priority check-in, Priority Boarding and first checked bag free.

Learn more about the SPG program and all its perks by visiting the website.

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