Cesar Millan Visits San Antonio

Photo courtesy of petnewsandviews.com.

Dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend. If you’re anything like us, it’s hard to leave home without them. Especially if they are the type of dog to leave you unpleasant surprises scattered around the house the second you’re out of their sight.

For those who are at their tail’s end with unpleasant dog habits, you must see this man on July 18. The one, the only Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, will be in San Antonio to share all of his doggy knowledge with tired and helpless dog owners.

Cesar will share his philosophies and methods, demonstrate examples and live situations with his four-legged companions, and at the end, will open up the mic for a little Q & A. There’s no doubt you’ll walk out of his live show with a clear head, a new-found energy, and an urge to rush back home to practice with your pup!

Tickets run $47.50 up to $74.50. See Cesar Millan LIVE at the Lila Cockrell Theatre this Thursday, July 18.

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