Engagement Profile: Jessica and Emil

DSC_3342 --Meet our newest couple, Jessica and Emil! They are tying the knot July 27th, and the Gunter Hotel is happy to be hosting their reception! Read on for their story.

How it All Began

Emil and Jessica attended the same high school, but were never close friends. It wasn’t until years later that they both realized that their future partners were studying next to them all along! *Cue romantic movie trailer.*

“We re-met in Port Aransas at a place called Sharkey’s. I was there with a friend of mine and thought I recognized him as someone I went to high school with. Later on, another guy at the bar would not leave us alone, so I called Emil to save us. He immediately asked me if we needed some help and lead us away. We then sat with his friends and we hit it off. We realized [Emil] worked down the street from where I lived in Dallas. The rest is history…” 

How He Popped the Question

“Port Aransas has always been a special place to us, not only since we met there, but we have taken many vacations there during our relationship. It only made sense for Emil to propose there. On one of our many trips, we explored St. Joe’s Island and loved it’s beauty and seclusion. When our annual October beach trip approached, Emil suggested going out to St. Joe’s Island again. Once there, we went on a walk and he started telling me a lot of sappy things. All of a sudden, he got down on one knee in the water and proposed!”

I Love Him/Her Because

“…he always sees the good in life, and his sense of humor.”

“…of her independence and kind heart.”

Why the Gunter?

“We definitely wanted a hotel with a ‘San Antonio’ feel. The Gunter, being downtown and close to the River Walk while also having lots of cool history, sealed the deal for us! We love the gorgeous lobby and the chandeliers in the ballroom.” 

How Would You Describe Your Wedding Theme?

“We have definitely gone very classic and traditional. I don’t like doing the same things as everyone else, so there are some unique details thrown in there, too!”

What’s the most exciting part of wedding planning? What’s the most stressful? 

“The most exciting part is definitely planning a celebration that everyone you love can enjoy together. We have a great family and support system, so it really has been more fun than stressful, but sometimes it is hard getting it all done while continuing to work and go about daily life.”
We wish Jessica and Emil nothing but the best in their future lives together! We are so glad to be a part of starting it off on the right foot. Good luck and congratulations!

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