The Gunter Barber Shop

The classic barber pole outside the Gunter Hotel barber shop.

The classic barber pole outside the Gunter Hotel barber shop.

This year marks the 103rd birthday of the famous Gunter barber shop. Since the beginning years of the Gunter Hotel, the barber shop has held permanent residence in the Gunter basement, servicing clients from around the globe.

Current owner, Lee Bosman, began working at the shop back in 1975 after retiring from the Navy. From the close attention to detail to the friendly way of greeting each customer, Lee and his barbers keep customers coming back time and time again. Local businessman, tourists, and even celebrities like songwriter Paul Williams and actor, James Taylor, have stopped by the shop for cuts.

The vintage hat rack in corner, the leather-warn barber chairs, and the red, white, and blue barber pole that rotates outside the door are all testaments to the years this shop has seen, some good and some bad.  However, there is no doubt that the barber shop continues to highlight the “golden days” of personal grooming with grace and elegance.


Vintage barber chairs.


The original hat rack that stands stoically in the corner of the shop.

While you are getting your hair cut, you can also get your shoes shined!


The shoe shiner’s tool shelf piled high with supplies.

You certainly won’t find another barber shop in San Antonio that offers this type of customer service to each and every client. Call to schedule your next cut today!

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