Haunted Houses in San Antonio

urlWe must admit, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year. There’s nothing like a good scare every now and then to get your juices flowing.

There are plenty of haunted attractions to see in San Antonio during the holiday season, but few are as good as these ones below. We hope you still have a voice after all the screaming you’ll surely be doing in these haunted houses.

13th Floor Haunted House– This San Antonio haunt has received national attention for its crazy scary experience. We’ve heard people have walked out so scared they’ve actually run out crying for their moms! What haunts the halls of this specific building? Learn the legend here. In other words, this is the place to be.

Nightmare on CommerceThe people who brought us the spooky Nightmare on Grayson have now corrupted another San Antonio street: Commerce. It’s spooky, it’s exciting, it’s fun for the whole gang. Click here for $3 off your ticket!

Terror Mansion– You know it’s going to be terrifying when theirs a disclaimer on their website. Oh man! Using classic horror film characters, Terror Mansion will make you never want to hear the name Jason or Freddy again.

Happy Haunted House-ing…

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