Holiday Travel Tips

urlYep. It’s here. The countdown begins until you’re headed home to spend time with the family for the holidays. Some may be excited, others may be dreading the long weekend. Regardless of your feelings, keep these tips in mind when traveling this season.

  • Book Flights Well in Advance. Because airplane tickets are in such high demand this season, airlines are laughing themselves all the way to the bank because they are able to charge high prices for tickets, especially for flights closer to Christmas and New Year’s. Visit popular discount travel sites like and to find the cheapest tickets out there. Travel a few days before and after big holidays to avoid massive price increases.
  • Avoid Airport Line Nightmares. This time of year is one of the worst for air travel. With millions of people making their way home for the holidays and the sometimes uncooperative colder weather, the lines and delays at the airport will make you want to pull your hair out. Although you’re likely to get stuck at some point at some major airport, do your best to avoid major lines by arriving two hours before your domestic flight. Traveling internationally? Give yourself three hours just to be sure.
  • Don’t Wrap Gifts. Try not to gift-wrap any gift prior to traveling. TSA will ask you to unwrap gifts if they feel there is something suspicious about it. Then all your gorgeous paper cutting and taping will have all gone to waste! If the gifts are not extremely valuable, consider packing them in your suitcase whether it is checked or not. Expensive items like jewelry, electronics, etc., should be carried on to prevent possible damage or lost luggage issues. 
  • Traveling to visit family, but your spouses’ childhood bedroom just won’t do. It’s OK to want some personal time away from relatives and in-laws. If you know you can only stand 1 or 2 lipstick marks on your cheek for one family gathering, book a hotel room nearby for your little holiday escape. Hotels have nothing but promotions and specials throughout the holiday season. Keep an eye on properties’ social media accounts and web pages, like the Sheraton Gunter’s, for seasonal offers. But, book early!

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