San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2014

1271_584675014906511_2833243_nIt’s the only event where drinking alcohol (responsibly, of course) for four days straight is acceptable. It’s the most refreshing event of the year and it will be here in exactly 1 month!

The San Antonio Cocktail Conference was the first of its kind in Texas when it began in 2011! Every year since the conference has brought top bartenders and cocktail gurus together under one roof for four days of seminars, tastings, and cocktail parties.

“Happy Hour and Sherry Slam”, “Hot Off the Sugar Cane Press”, and “The Glory of Grapes” are just some of the events classes offered on the schedule. The names alone have us sold…

The best thing about it? It will be hosted under our very own roof, which means after a long night of tasting, attendees can head straight up stairs to bed! Conference attendees enjoy exclusive room rates if they book at the Sheraton Gunter.

For a complete schedule and ticket information visit the San Antonio Cocktail website

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