Renovation Update

18-1E9A6836As we continue to make progress on our hotel renovations, we want to give guests information on some of the areas that have been updated and those that are still under construction.

Lobby: If you’ve been following along on our Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ve gotten to see some pictures of our lobby remodeling. Many have expressed their excitement and approval of the new look, while others showed concern that the historical significance of the lobby is compromised. Please know that we have painstakingly tried to not only modernize our hotel, but also pay homage to our historical elements. The dark wood in the lobby is not historical to the hotel, having been installed in the 70’s and 80’s. The ceiling has now been restored to its original white, while the center is a light blue, which highlights the wonderful architectural detail still evident.

Guest Rooms:  The majority of our floors have undergone renovations, however, there are still a few levels waiting for the upgrade. Carpets have been replaced and new tile has been added. New drapes and furniture have also been add. Guests now have the opportunity to stay in the newly renovated rooms.


Sheraton Fitness Center: Closed. New flooring has been installed, yet there are a few more touches we must finish putting in the center before we open it to our guests. Once completed, our fitness center will be double its original size and will offer a variety of high-tech exercise equipment and machines.


Market On Houston: Restaurant renovations are full steam ahead. We’ve installed the cabinets and pizza oven. The chairs arrived early last week and soon so will the tables. The Market on Houston is set to open next month. Of course, we still have our Dropcam streaming live video feed of the construction process so you can stay up-to-date with the progress. We can’t wait for guests and San Antonio residents to enjoy this new, fresh concept in downtown. For more information “like” Market on Houston on Facebook!


For more photos of the renovation “Like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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