Renovation Update

18-1E9A6836As we continue to make progress on our hotel renovations, we want to give guests information on some of the areas that have been updated and those that are still under construction.

Lobby: If you’ve been following along on our Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ve gotten to see some pictures of our lobby remodeling. Many have expressed their excitement and approval of the new look, while others showed concern that the historical significance of the lobby is compromised. Continue reading

Keep An Eye Out with Our Dropcam

For over 109 years, the Gunter Hotel has stood strong as a historic San Antonio landmark. One of the reasons it has remained a downtown staple for so long is its ability to adapt and change with the times while maintaining its historic character.

During the fall season, our hotel will be in the process of refreshing its look. We are confident that the completed renovations will bring an innovative way for guests to experience San Antonio history. Continue reading