SACC Check Presentation

Back in January, San Antonio experienced one heck of a conference filled with alcohol, food, and some pretty amazing people. Although the conference was created to gather people together to learn about a common interest, it also held a second purpose: charity. Continue reading

Renovation Update

18-1E9A6836As we continue to make progress on our hotel renovations, we want to give guests information on some of the areas that have been updated and those that are still under construction.

Lobby: If you’ve been following along on our Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ve gotten to see some pictures of our lobby remodeling. Many have expressed their excitement and approval of the new look, while others showed concern that the historical significance of the lobby is compromised. Continue reading

San Antonio Zoo Zootenial

We know a thing or two about being a part of San Antonio’s history. So do our friends at the San Antonio Zoo. This year marks the official 100th anniversary of the San Antonio Zoo. Their humble beginnings can be traced back to 1914 when Colonel George W. Brackenridge gifted a scenic area of San Antonio for the public to enjoy watching buffalo graze and elk meander, as well as see monkeys, lions and bears (oh my!). Now, the San Antonio houses more than 8,500 animals! Continue reading

San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2014

1271_584675014906511_2833243_nIt’s the only event where drinking alcohol (responsibly, of course) for four days straight is acceptable. It’s the most refreshing event of the year and it will be here in exactly 1 month!

The San Antonio Cocktail Conference was the first of its kind in Texas when it began in 2011! Every year since the conference has brought top bartenders and cocktail gurus together under one roof for four days of seminars, tastings, and cocktail parties.

Continue reading

Cyber Monday Deals

Monday. Let’s admit, no one is a big fan. However, today isn’t like the rest. Cyber Monday might just be the happiest Monday of the year! Deals and promotions all across the web are bringing holiday cheer to online shoppers around the world, and our website is no different.  Continue reading

Thanksgiving Facts to Share Around the Turkey

imagesPilgrims, turkeys, Native Americans. That’s what comes to mind for most Americans on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a day to celebrate the union between to cultures. A day to celebrate the journey our ancestors took across the ocean to begin a life in the New World. It’s a day to be thankful for friends, family, colleagues, employment. The holiday represents so many great things in an American’s life.

So, gather round the table and spend some time with your loved ones. If conversation gets dull, share some of these fun facts about the holiday with them. Continue reading

Grand Opening of the Briscoe Western Art Museum

The-Briscoe-MuseumA quick 5 minute walk down the street stands the newest member of the San Antonio’s museum collection, the Briscoe Western Art Museum. Located in San Antonio’s first Public Library, the Museum encompasses of 50,000 square feet of space on the banks of the San Antonio River Walk. Continue reading

Haunted Houses in San Antonio

urlWe must admit, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year. There’s nothing like a good scare every now and then to get your juices flowing.

There are plenty of haunted attractions to see in San Antonio during the holiday season, but few are as good as these ones below. We hope you still have a voice after all the screaming you’ll surely be doing in these haunted houses. Continue reading

San Antonio Weddings ‘Venue of the Week’

We are so honored to have been chosen ‘Venue of the Week’ by  San Antonio Weddings! We love hosting bridal events at our hotel and work closely with each bride and groom to achieve the exact vision the wish for their wedding day.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 1.37.50 PM Continue reading